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Episode 11

An Urgent Message from Entrepreneurs Circle

⚠️ This is an important message for anyone running a business in the UK, following the Prime Minister’s announcement of Lockdown 2.0 on Saturday night ⚠️

For further information go to: http://bit.ly/pcLockdownBursaries

Episode 11:
An Urgent Message from Entrepreneurs Circle
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Episode Transcript:

Nigel Botterill:
Hello, this is an important message for anyone running a business in the UK. And it follows the prime minister's announcement of lockdown two that he made on Saturday evening. You know, right now millions of small business owners are worried about their future, they're scared, deeply concerned about what might happen to their business. There's a saying in nautical circles that a smooth sea never made a good sailor and the gist of that of course, is that you only get good when you have challenges to deal with, that's the same in every worthwhile walk of life, including yours right now.

Yes, what is happening is completely shit.

Yes, it is natural to feel anger and frustration.

It's also easy to think of yourself as a victim, after all it's not your fault the country's in lockdown again, and your business is being impacted. But the truth is especially in business, there's no such thing as victims, only volunteers.

Think about that, if it feels like you're staring into the abyss today. The truth is that despite all the restrictions that Boris announced on Saturday night, you have a lot more say than you might realise about what happens next in your story. And your story's the only one that matters. Right now, today, this week, this month of lockdown is your time. It might not feel like it, but it is. This is your moment to control the controllables, to focus on the things that you can do something about and fight with every sinew of your being not to get dragged into the woe is me pit of misery and despair that is enveloping our country right now.

It's true that the shipping forecast for business owners everywhere is violent storm force warnings, which means that you're about to find out how good a sailor of your business you really are. I know it won't be easy. I know there are some giant waves hurtling towards your little craft. I know that there'll be dark times ahead, but you can rise to this challenge, you can find a way through, a way that actually strengthens your business and makes it even better in the long run. And it starts with what's going on in your head.

You must control the controllables and not spend time worrying or fretting over things that you can do nothing about. Stay focused on the things that are within your control.

Here are some steps that you could, probably should take this week.

Things that you're in control of.

Firstly, take the money, think carefully about furlough, but use it if it's sensible to do so.

Number two, get on the front foot with your communication. This is not the time to go quiet on your customers. They need to hear from you and your messages need to be positive, don't fuel that misery train and don't put out the we're now closed due to lockdown bollocks that everyone else will be doing.

Thirdly, think creatively. For instance, the new rules say that non essential retail can remain open for delivery to customers and for click and collect. Now that's gonna bring up challenges, but it's also a great opportunity to galvanise your community behind you, to put out a super positive message about supporting the little guy, it's controlling the controllables. You don't have to miss out on all the lost sales in November and once you start selling online, for instance, well you catchment area can expand massively.

Fourth on the list is to remember that marketing is not a non-essential spend. If you shut down your marketing, you're effectively giving in. This lockdown is gonna mean more people browsing online with more time to look, to watch and to consume. Ad costs will almost certainly drop again, just like they did in the spring, as the stupid businesses vacate the field, that'll leave great opportunities for smart business owners. And remember doing business without marketing is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you're doing, no one else does. You've got to keep the outreach going.

Control the controllables.

Fifth on the list is get in front of your customers as often as possible, many of them are gonna be stuck at home and their consumption of your messages will lead to sales. You could phone your customers radically. I mean, seriously, reach out, reassure them, help them. Their lives are full of just as much uncertainty as yours. So be there for them. Get on the front foot, show them that you care and remind them that you're there.

Next is skill up. Use this time to do the things that you know you need to do. Get your marketing sorted properly. Get your knowledge centre sorted properly, fix Google My Business properly, sort LinkedIn, and then use it properly. Get remarketing set up, understand your numbers properly.

Control the controllables.

Look, I'm not pretending that the next few weeks are gonna be anything other than hard. And it's likely that the pain will continue beyond the end of November, that's just how it is. You don't have any say over that, but you still have way more control over what happens to your business than you realise. And this stormy sea can be the making of you. If you're already in Entrepreneurs Circle, know that your EC family will be here for you throughout this, use us, lean on us, there's so much support here for you. You are not alone and together you can, and you will prevail.

If you're not a member yet, then come and join us. Get access to the best resources in the country to help you emerge from this shit storm in a way better place than you ever could imagine. And don't let money be an obstacle.

We have 1000 lockdown bursaries available so that anyone can get access to the help and support they need for free, whatever your current situation is. All we ask is that if you can pay, please do, 'cause then it allows us to help more businesses that are really struggling right now.

Either way, just go to the link on the screen and we'll sort you out. You know, the way most people think is that when bad things happen, they ought to feel bad, but the way successful entrepreneurs think when bad things happen is it's just another problem, let's get it fixed. You can fix this. This is your time. I'm sending you all good wishes, but stay focused on the right things.

Thanks for watching.

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