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Episode 12

Two Most Important Questions

In this week's BGC episode, Nigel is sharing the two MOST important questions any entrepreneur should ask themselves.

Find out what they are in this week's episode...

What would your answers be?

Episode 12:
Two Most Important Questions
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Episode Transcript:

Hi, I'm on at Business Growth Central where this week we are gonna be focusing on arguably the two most important questions in the life of any entrepreneur. Now these two questions, they go deep. Deep. I'm gonna go deep into the heart of your future. That's why they're such important questions. Do you remember the first day that you set open business? I remember mine really clearly. It was a Monday morning and Sue had taken the children off to school and I went up the stairs to my home office. For the very first time the house was deserted. There was no one else in. And as the office door... I say office door was a back bedroom. As it closed behind me, I remember this overwhelming sense of Oh fuck, what have I done? And because everything that mattered to me in life, I felt the weight of responsibility was all on my shoulders. I have to make this work, but I had a goal. I had a dream. And so did you on that first day in business. There was something that you wanted to achieve for yourself, for the people that live here. But whatever the reason was what's happened in the vast majority of cases for almost every business owner in the UK is that somewhere between that first day in business and today, they've lost sight of that dream. They've lost sight of why you did this in the first place. What it was all about. And it's easy. Happens to all of us. We get caught up in the day to day. We're really busy doing the do but the price we pay for being busy, doing the do, living in the day to day, is we drift further apart, further away from the goal that we have, from the purpose that we had on our first day in business. These two questions, well they bring you back. They can bring you back quite quickly. And the questions are way more effective. I mean massively so. When you ask them of yourself in the context of the goal that you've really got. If you ask these two questions of yourself when you're in the day-to-day, the impact will bounce off. But if you ask these questions of yourself in the context of why you go into this business in the first place, boom, my goodness me. They can be powerful forces to change your course, to change your direction, to bring you back on track. So you start moving towards your goal rather than drifting further away from it. Just tell us the bloody questions Nige I hear your cry. Okay, I will. Now we've set the scene and you understand properly the context in which they are powerful and useful to you. Well, the first question on the face of it is a very simple one. But you'll get a better answer the more that you think. Here's the question. What should I be doing with my time? It's quite deep. Deep. When you think about it in the context of the goals that you have, part of the answer of course is going to be wrapped up in working on your business instead of continually, perpetually, consistently being embroiled in your whole business. But it's really important that you get clear on what you should be doing with your time. And then once you got clarity on question one, you can answer question two which is sometimes a lot easier to answer 'cause question two is what's stopping you? What's stopping you spending your time on the things that you should be spending your time on, the things that will get you to where you wanna be. What's the bastard barrier? What is sucking up your energy? What is eating hours out of your day? What are the distractions? What's the other stuff that's keeping you stuck? 'Cause when you understand the answer to those two questions, what should I be doing with my time? What's stopping me? You face an interesting dilemma. A dilemma actually when you face it, you begin to learn quite a lot about yourself. Someone told me last week that most people are actually quite unhappy in life, but they're just not unhappy enough to do something about it. And I thought all that might apply to quite a lot of business owners. What I know for sure is that when you think small, when your focus is on the small things, you stay small. It's impossible to think small and grow big. Doesn't happen. Not happened, never ever will happen. And part of getting our small thinking 'cause it's not something no one consciously decides, I'm going to think small. No, no no. We get sucked into it inextricably often invisibly and in consciously. We don't realize it's happening but we get stuck in the day-to-day. We never have time. We never find the time. We never create the time to properly get out of our day-to-day lives, out of the minutiae, out of all the shit, out of the weeds that are dragging us back and holding us down. But it's only when we get out of that, that we can see what we should be spending our time on. That we can see clearly what it is that's stopping us. And then, Oh then, we can do something about it.

So today's takeaway is you gotta ask yourself two questions. What should I be doing with my time? And what's stopping me? See nothing stops me.

Distant Voice: Matt, can you give us a hand?

Matt: Yeah, I'm coming. Bollocks.

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