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Episode 14

Money, Money, Money

This week we're talking money.

Your money.

And Nige has a thoughtful and fascinating slant (as you'd expect).

Episode 14:
Money, Money, Money
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Episode Transcript:

Hi, welcome to Business Growth Central, where this week, we're talking money. So we're upstairs at EC HQ, filming this episode and in a fortnight's time, we'll be running the money masterclass, from this very place. And in that masterclass, I'm gonna go deep, I mean deeper than you will have ever gone before, in thinking about and understanding money. How money thinks, how money moves, your wealth, your lifestyle, are all gonna be addressed. It's a very cerebral, it will unquestionable get your brain cells moving, but if you come with me, it will be quite enlightening. And I thought I'd just tease you with a couple of little nuggets, small but beautifully formed nuggets, from the event that we're gonna talk about then.

They're two of only 74-

-why have I got two, I've got three of them.

I'm gonna share with you three, small but beautifully formed nuggets, three of the 74 nuggets that, that event contained in this little episode, here we go.

First up, if you ever catch yourself saying or even thinking, it's quicker to just do it myself, I need you to recognise that that is the language of the poor. Those words are the words of the devil. Yes it may be true, but everything in life and especially in business, comes at a price and the price you pay when you do it yourself, may mean that that particular thing gets done a bit more quickly. But the opportunity costs, are the things that you could've done with that time. Oh the opportunity cost to all, the time saved to do the particular task. I mean it might not matter, in that one isolated incident, but the problem is the head trash, that keeps that, oh it's just quicker to do it myself. Just quicker to do it myself. And it becomes a habit, it perpetuates and it takes you further and further and further away from the money. So our first nugget for this episode. I will explain more on the money masterclass, but the first nugget, oh it's quicker to do it myself, is the language of the poor.

Now my second little nugget today, wanna talk about speed. One of the many graphics that we have on the walls around EC HQ, is that one you can see just up there, speed matters. And in particular, speed matters when you have an idea. Because if and when you reduce or even eliminate the time between the idea and the execution, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, that opens the floodgates to the money and the wealth of your dreams. Shortening the time between the idea and the action, that's why speed matters. There are things in your business that you know you should be doing and you want to get implemented. Shorten the time between now and getting them done, 'cause speed will make a big difference.

Which brings me to the third of our little trio of nuggets that we have for you today. And this one's really straight forward, I'm going into my bluff Yorkshire talk for this one. If you can't get yourself and your time sorted, you've no hope lad. 'Cause money you see, has no interest in people that work on the day to day. You have to somehow, someway, find the time to do the things that will move your business forward, to increase the sales, which will grow the profit, which will grow your wealth. And until or unless you get yourself and your time sorted.

So hopefully those three little insights will be helpful to you. I'm not claiming that they are original or just conceived in 2020. You know, in a lot of ways, they only represent common sense. But it's surprising in business, how often it is kind of obvious things, that stop us from getting to where we wanna be.

And that, I think, is what the money masterclass, I'm hoping, is going to achieve for everyone that comes along. We're gonna remove obvious barriers, that perhaps you didn't even see or weren't even aware of. Barriers that are stopping you building the wealth and the money that you would like and we're gonna put in place some obvious tools and little strategies, that will have the same impact. The end result is that you will definitely understand much more fully, much more accurately and better, frankly, than 99.9% of the population, how money moves and how money thinks, 'cause it does, it's almost a living being. And what you can do about it, so that you can take yourself, your loved ones, your business, your family, to the place that you want them to be, bye.

Matt the Butler:
So today's takeaway remember, saying or thinking, oh it's quicker if I do it myself, is the language of the poor. And you need to concentrate on the bigger things that will take you and your business to where you want them to be. You also need to reduce the time between ideas and execution, yes mate.

Do you have any nuggets mate?

Matt the Butler:
I had a couple of nuggets, two or three, but they seem to have disappeared, sorry.

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