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Episode 2

50 Hot Tubs a Day

This week... there's CHAOS in the Botterill household!

Nigel's family might not be happy, but there's a key lesson here that you can apply to your business that might just be the difference between a few sales a month and hundreds of sales a week!

Find out what's causing all this drama (and how it can markedly improve your sales and profits) in this week's episode

Episode 2:
50 Hot Tubs a Day
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Episode Transcript:

Nigel Botterill:
Hi, and welcome to Business Growth Central. And what is a somewhat different episode this week because I'm going to tell you a story. Now, it will hopefully be obvious by the end of the story, exactly why I've told you the story. Fingers crossed.
So our story starts at the beginning of lockdown. Just think back to that Easter weekend, when the whole country was shut down, and a major incident occurred in the Botterhill household. Our 15-year-old hot tub, which has served as well as a family over many summers, well it packed in. It broke, it was irreparable. Well, I'm not going to lie. I had other things to worry about. The hot tub was not my priority. But my kids, on the other hand, it's a first-world problem. At first, I resisted. But, eventually, they ground me down. I was persuaded. So one lunchtime that week, I decided I'd go out and I'd buy a hot tub. Well, it turns out a bit harder than you would expect. My relatively modest, but fairly well known hot tub establishment that's very local to us, was not very helpful.
They told me that they could swap out with a hot tub, but it wouldn't be able to be delivered until November.


Nigel Botterill:
It turns out that they'd sold all their hot tubs early in lockdown and because they're importing from overseas, they were unable to get any more stock. So I've got a very long wait. That was the only solution offered. And if you know me at all, you'll know, once I've decided I want to do something, I have been known to be a little impatient. So I left my local establishment, went back to the office, and jumped on to the great God, Google. Hot tubs Solihull, I typed in and up came a Nottingham based company in the first place. I checked them out online and decided to give them a ring. First thing I said when they answered the phone, "You're in Nottingham, is that a problem?" "No, it's not." They replied. "We service anywhere within two hours of Nottingham." Now, think about that for a minute. Just look how far you can get within two hours of Nottingham. The reality is, they're covering almost all the country. So having got that out of the way, my first question then was, "What hot tubs have you got in stock that I can have quickly?"
Well, they sorted me out. And 10 days later, the new hot tub has arrived. Ooh, nice. But this is where the story gets really interesting because I had a little chat with the guys that were supplying me all the way from Nottingham to Solihull. And it turns out that since lockdown, this particular company have been selling more than 50 hot tubs a day. A day. 50 hot tubs a day. Just do the math for a minute. 50 hot tubs, the average price just under 10 grand. We are talking half a million pounds of sales every single day for one week, two weeks, three weeks, four months, five months. And if you know anything about hot tubs, you'll know the margins are pretty good. There's not really a lot to these big, bad boys.
Hopefully, it's obvious why I've shared this story with you. It's not about my hot tub or my kids. It's about your business. And in particular, it's about your business brain. The only difference between selling all your hot tubs and not being able to deliver until November and therefore, making no more sales and shipping out 50 hot tubs a day, is what goes on up here. So on the one hand, we've got little thinking, closed-minded hot tub man, whose brain says, "I'll import my 40 hot tubs a year from China, and hope enough people come to my local showroom so I can sell them."
On the other hand, we've got big thinking, open-minded hot tub man, whose brain says, "These hot tubs are easy to make. I'll manufacture my own so I can produce as many as I can sell. Then, I'll dominate Google and cover anywhere within two hours of base, that way I can make more profit in a day than most of my competitors make in a year." What would need to happen for you to make 50 hot tub sales a day? Could be the most useful question you ask yourself this week, this month, or any month. And if you're in Solihull and want a dip, just come on around.

So today's takeaway is all about your business brain. The difference between five and 50 sales a day is how you think about your business. All right. I'm off for a dip in Nigel's hot tub. You reckon, I'll get away with this?

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