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Episode 20

Simple Things Done Well (Neighbourhood Cards)

It's true that so many of the great pleasures in life are 'the simple things' and that's often the case when it comes to marketing.

Join Nigel in this week's episode of our weekly video podcast (Business Growth Central) as he shares one of the best ways to attract new customers...

CLUE: It's super simple!

Episode 20:
Simple Things Done Well (Neighbourhood Cards)
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Episode Transcript:

Nigel: Welcome to business growth central where this week we're studying one of the universe's most profound thoughts. It's true, isn't it? That so many of the great pleasures in life come from very simple things. And it's like that when it comes to marketing. Some of the most effective, most powerful, some of the best ways of bringing in new customers are actually the most simple. And one of the best examples of a simple piece of marketing that works extraordinarily well, when it's implemented effectively is neighbour cards.

[Narrator] Want to know the simplest and quickest way to get new customers? Are you a tradesperson or do you carry out your work at a customer's house? Perhaps a plumber, electrician, a decorator, or mobile hairdresser, a builder, roofer or a landscape gardener. Maybe you clean ovens or fit carpets. Right now you're doing great work in your local area. Most people love what you do and would recommend you to family and friends. If they remember, or they were asked. These neighbour cards transform businesses, just like yours. All you do is drop one of these cards into 15 houses on the street where you're working. Five doors to the left, five doors to the right and five doors opposite. It's the simple things in life that are best. And these neighbour cards are really simple. They help you grow your business for next to nothing. Imagine a world where every job you do brings in another one.

Nigel: Like I said, really simple sounds great in theory but how does it work in practise? Well, again, the reality is there are many, many hundreds of entrepreneurs circle members using neighbour cards effectively day in, day out, week in, week out to maintain their rhythmic acquisition of customers. And one guy is a chap who runs a business that's based in Scotland, but he lives in Canada but uses neighbour cards really effectively. Here's his story

Mark: The business is Liberty and we supply and instal kitchens to a 50-mile radius of the city of Dundee on the East coast of Scotland. You know what? I always thought that having my van, driving around in a van, vans are all logos, I thought that would be enough. People are seeing your van. We are, we are in a drive for, our vans predominantly sit in a driveway for a week at a time. Everybody's there and they'll see the van, that's great. And yeah, we did pick up, you know, a customer here or there and it was fantastic, what a great bonus. And then seeing business growth central and the episode about neighbour cards. I just thought, you know what, that's interesting that it just took it the next, to the next step. We've done flyers in the past. I never really found flyers, flyers worked again, to a certain extent but what this did was it focused. We were right there. People can see us in the state, and our guys are working outside and just gave them an excuse to come and speak to our guys or contact us. On a job, like on Tom's end when he organises all the paperwork for the guys, there'll be roughly 20 cards. We'll go inside their package and the guys will go on the job. And on the first day they will hand out those 20 cards with the customer's name and first name and number, the house number will be on the card. And we will do five in the side and 10 across. As I say, that's the, we know we do it right in the beginning, because then the people have got time to, they pick up the card, and they've got a week to see our van. And, and starts the thought process. They're not just a normal card. I think the big difference is the writing of the name and the number. To me, makes it look like a parcel, a delivery. It's something different. You've got all this junk in the back of your door, mail coming through. I think the eyesight catches that and it makes them read it. That's the number one thing. You need them to read it. It's not everybody that's needing a kitchen, But I still need them to read it, just in case they do. We measured this over 14 weeks. So it was about 560 cards, I think it was

Michelle: 560 cards. And how many inquiries have you had directly as a result of those neighbour cards, Mark?

Mark: So at 22 inquiries, we, we get this from when we go to see the job, it's detailed of how they found us, why they, why did they come to us? We have this all on our sheet and we feel that that was important. So it was quite easy to track. So we, yeah, we converted those nine direct jobs that converted directly from those cards from those 22 inquiries so far. Well, when you see what can come of it. No, it's definitely... what have you got to lose. You've got nothing to lose. Just go for it. It's simple, it's simple and it's effective. And if it doesn't work then doesn't work for you. But in our, in the industry that I'm in and service I'm in, we're there, we're in people's driveways for a period of time. Tradesmen, this is, this is the thing for you. Definitely try it.

Nigel: Really Straight forward, isn't it? You know, when I was a young kid, I live for football. Football was my life and my first-ever football coach, when I qualified to go to Saturday soccer at age nine, was a chap called Mr Bulmer. And I remember Mr Bulmer drilled it into us young footballers at nine years of age, that simple things done well, look good. And he had us just passing the ball just pass the ball, pass the ball. Pass the ball, so we could pass and control. It was a simple thing done well but it enabled us to build a very successful football team. And neighbour cards are a simple thing that when they're done well, can enable you to crack the rhythmic acquisition of customers.

Matt the Butler: So remember, Nigel said simple things done well look good. So when you give neighbour cards a try nice little personal touch, hand-delivered makes all the difference. Catch you later, bye!

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