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Episode 21

Your Next Facebook Ads Campaign

If you:

- Are currently using Facebook Ads
- Have ever dabbled in Facebook Ads
- Have given up on Facebook Ads
- OR have dismissed them as not being right for your business...

...then this week's episode of our weekly video podcast (Business Growth Central) is for you!

Episode 21:
Your Next Facebook Ads Campaign
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Episode Transcript:

Nigel: If you know anything about myself and Entrepreneur Circle then you know that we are really good at marketing. We're great at getting and keeping customers and over recent years one of the most lucrative and best performing and in fact easiest ways to get customers for almost any business including probably yours is Facebook ads but many ,many businesses really struggle with their Facebook ads. They don't get the kind of engagement they don't get the clicks, they don't get the responses, they don't get the return that the super effective marketers do. And I'm gonna share with you in this little video one of the main reasons why, well, I say I'm gonna share it. What am I actually gonna do is defer to the Entrepreneur Circles Head of Marketing his name is Cameron and he gave a little presentation at our big annual convention in front of over 5,000 people it was delivered online because of the COVID pandemic. And here he is a little exert that will help perhaps explain to you something that would help your Facebook ads work better.

Cameron: Trojan Horse ads something you might be familiar with this something I've mentioned a lot because guess what? It works. And nowadays most of our ads in fact I'm gonna say at least 80% of our ads are all Trojan Horse ads. Now we all know the story of the Trojan Horse. He says I did have to Google it to make sure I got it the right way round. It was the Greeks that made the Trojan Horse Who would have thought not the Trojans, the Greeks, the Trojans they were at war and the Greeks came up with somehow this crazy strategy they built a giant wooden horse hide their soldiers inside, shoved it by the front Gates of the city of Troy and then made it look like they'd run away. And the Trojans not the smartest bunch I'll be honest with you. They opened the Gates. Wonderful wooden horse thank you very much, bring that inside and we'll just leave it there overnight. At which point the Greeks escaped and well it gets a bit gruesome after that. We're not going into too much detail but it was... it didn't end well for the Trojans. But in this instance we're the Greeks so it's all right. Now a Trojan Horse ad works in the same way the Trojan Horse works, but in a much less sinister murdery way this is a nice thing that we're doing with people, trust me. What we're doing is we're creating an ad that doesn't look like an ad in the same way a Trojan Horse didn't look like a murdering killing machine. What we do is we create our ad that doesn't look like an ad but by the time people realise it's an ad it's too late we've walked them in they're already interested in us they're already engaged and they have to do what we want them to do click the link, fill in a form do whatever it is we want. We're creating ads that don't look like ads. We draw people in, we get engagement and they convert like crazy. I tell you when we first started testing these things out I was a bit dubious. No one was gonna read this. Oh my goodness do they convert better than anything else we've ever done? It's crazy. So here's how they work. They're made up of two parts the image and the copy those are the two most important parts with a Trojan Horse ad. And again here is what most ad images look like. Oh my God, it's so boring, it's mundane, it's an add no no. That's not what we wanna do. People are smart, People know what ads look like they scroll away from the adds there is no engagement or if you add looks blatantly like an ad. And this is an issue that we see all the time with people using Facebook they create ads as if they were newspaper ads and their image is itself an ad with offers and manners and all sorts of stuff no,no. Trojan Horse ads don't look like ads they are undercover. And this is important bit when it comes to Facebook ads in general just remember your image doesn't need to sell the thing that you are selling whether it's your lead magnet, whether it's something that people are gonna purchase that image in your ad doesn't need to do the selling for you that image has one job on Facebook it's to get people's attention. That's all it needs to do. Stop them from scrolling so they will then read the texts that we've put which sells the click the click takes them to the place which sells the thing that we've got. So to illustrate this point here are a few of our best performing ad images of this year ,some of you might've seen these before cause they're still performing well for us. The first one, oh look at that. It's Nigel and it's Sue and it's Mickey Mouse on a Disney cruise ,amazing. This has nothing to do with what we were selling here we're not selling Disney holiday we're not selling anything to do with Mickey Mouse we are selling, I believe it was yes, It was a webinar on how to double your profits. And here's Mickey mouse representing for us. This makes no sense as to why this isn't selling the webinar to double your profits what it's doing is it's getting people's attention. Okay? here are a couple more different ads that we've got here. This is just a photo I took flippantly of the landing page we were sending people to didn't notice at the time but Joanne was doing her thing smiling has ever. And this is another picture to get attention all I did was get a pen scribbled no on the note pad took a picture of that use that as our image. If you're scrolling through Facebook and you scroll past this image you're gonna stop and read the words above it, to understand what the heck's going on and that's key when it comes to creating the images for your ads that's what you want them to do you want people to stop scrolling when they see your image. So that's a little test you can do for yourself of course, we all know this one still unbeaten the best performing ad image that we've ever had was this. It's a floret of broccoli God knows why I don't know why, Joe doesn't know ,none of us know why this ad image worked the only thing we can imagine is people are scrolling through Facebook. They're not used to seeing vegetables photo-shoot of vegetables on their newsfeed Says," what the heck is this?" And then they read the ad and because we're showing our ad to the right people because people are stopping from scrolling and reading what's there because this side is like what the heck is this? It means that Facebook sees the engagement it's getting people interested in this broccoli Facebook don't know why but it doesn't care people are loving it, showing the ad to more people get the broccoli out there. It probably did wonders to people's health as well as a little side effect some subliminal messaging this broccoli worked well for us and what I'm not saying Cause I know cause people have tried it. Don't go out there and just use pictures of broccoli on your ads as if that's some sort of magic formula that will work forever more now that's not the case. The reason why this worked was because it got engagement and that's the key thing that your ad images need to do. Now you don't need to be fancy about this you don't need a designer, you don't need to be good at art to make these pictures. Here are some that we've used recently this is me scribbling things and then taking a picture on my phone of what I've just scribbled. These work really well because hand drawn stuff things like this people engage with that, People like what's that they trying and read it. Another good bit of advice group photos work a treat and I'll tell you why whenever you scroll past a group photo on Facebook you might be guilty of this yourself what do you do? ,well you pause a little and try and work out who in the picture you know why is Facebook showing me this picture? Wait who's that is that? Is that Tim from the golf club? No, it's not Tim you don't know any of these people but you've stopped you've looked at the ad why am I seeing this? Then you scroll up You read the words the word hook you win Now we've got you, you've engaged ,you're interested and the copy does the selling. So here's a couple of good examples of group photos. This was accidental, Nigel decided to wear a light blue shirt and everyone else decided to wear black. We didn't tell Nigel hilarious prank no, this was accidental coincidental but he stands out if anything probably harms the conversion rate of the image but images that don't look like ads group shots, hand-drawn stuff, random pictures of vegetables whatever it is the key is that your ad images help grab attention. Okay that's the important thing, create that engagement your ads are gonna perform better if that's the case.

Nigel: So it's not about broccoli or group pictures or Mickey Mouse, or indeed sketches that you take pictures on your phone what it's about is making sure that the images on your ads don't look like images that everybody else puts on ads told you honestly, it's that simple this marketing lock in them.

Matt the Butler: So today's takeaway is you need to think outside the box or inside the horse or whichever way you wanna look at it but the point is, is that the images on your Facebook ads shouldn't look like ads they're there to grab attention and nothing more. Listen Mike I have told you we've got no broccoli.

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