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Episode 22

Busy Doing The Right Things

In 2003, Nigel left his six-figure salary in the corporate world to setup his own business.

Just three months into his entrepreneurial journey, he discovered a key principle that he attributes to his success.

He still uses this principle today. Every day.

Check out this week's episode of our weekly podcast (Business Growth Central) to learn the founding principle of EC that will help you to create the business (and lifestyle) you always dreamed of.

Episode 22:
Busy Doing The Right Things
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Episode Transcript:

[Nigel] Hi, welcome to a very colourful edition of Business Growth Central where this week we are going deep into one of the very founding principles of Entrepreneurs Circle. Now, I discovered this way back in 2003. Only three months after I'd set up in business on my own and I am still today forever grateful that I discovered this founding principle so early in my own entrepreneurial career. See, when I started my own business, there was a guy, an old guy who lived in the village, took a bit of an interest in me. He had a career in business. He was very experienced. He was retired at this time but he used to pop around for a cup of coffee or a cup of tea. I don't know every two or three weeks, and we'd have a little chat and I would kind of soak up his wisdom. His name was Martin Howey and there was one afternoon in March, 2003. I'd been in business for three months and Martin was sat in my front room at home and he asked me a question he said, "Nigel what's the most important thing you've gotta do for this business of yours to be a success?" Uh, well I flipped and flopped around a bit. It's a tricky question. But I said to Martin, "I figure the most important, I've gotta make sure I get and keep enough customers." He said, "Nice, that's right." I thought phew. He said, "So when are you getting and keeping customers today then?" I said, "Sorry." He said, "Well you've just told me what the single most important thing is for the success of your business. Surely any sane person once they understand and know that, would have some time set aside every day to do that single most important thing." Well, I didn't and I felt very stupid. I was really busy. Oh, I used to get up really early. I used to work really hard but what I wasn't doing, is putting some time aside every day to focus on that single most important thing which is about becoming a marketer of my business. Not always a doer in my business.

- [Narrator] The great Dan Kennedy taught Botty that to build your business successfully, you'll need to become a marketer of the thing you do. Not a doer of the thing you do. Most business owners are only doers of the thing they do. For example, Botty has a friend who is a florist. She loves creating beautiful things with flowers. It's what makes her happy and fulfilled but she knows that in making the conscious decision to be a doer of floristry, she is inhibiting the growth of her business. Now Botty has another friend that sees himself as a marketer of floristry services. In contrast, he focuses on finding new customers and looking after the ones he has got. That's why he is one of Interflora's, top three florists in the whole of the U.K. All because he sees himself as a marketer of floristry. Spending his time marketing his business and thinking about how he can better market his business. So if you want to build a super successful business, get focusing chunks of your time on being a marketer and not just a doer of your business.

- I mean, that's all very well in theory, isn't it? But how do you make it happen in practice? What does becoming a marketer of your thing as opposed to a doer of your thing mean in the real world? Oh, we sent a camera up to visit Alex Young. who has being part of EC for several years now to find out how he did it.

- My name is Alex Young, and I set up Stanley Villa Farm, Fishing and Camping back in 2012. Before the site was set up, before the camping pods came on site, we just had the fishing lake as you can see in the background. And it was just a little fly fishery. It's family owned site. It wasn't really doing that much and we thought there was a big opportunity to do a bit more with it. We've got a lovely facilities building. We thought that there was the need there. We're 15 minutes away from Blackpool and we really thought there was a need for families who wanted to enjoy Blackpool in the daytime but then come away from it in the nighttime and have a nice environment where they could sit out, have camp fires, toast their marshmallows and that's what we've created. So, when we first set up the business it was a bit overwhelming at first, as there are a million things to do on your list. You feel like you can never get round to doing all of them and the EC came at just the right time really, in the early days of the business. From reading Nigel's book, from going to one or two events, getting the six pack that he did at the time, working through those, that gave me the right mindset then. Before then I was trying to do everything myself and it taught me to delegate. I think one good rule I learned was if someone else can do 80% as well as you let them do it. And so soon took on a bookkeeper, some of the best money I've ever spent. Took on one or two part-time staff to help me with the cleaning again some of the best money we've ever spent. So the main thing I've taken away from the EC apart from getting the right mindset is to think of the business and think of myself as a marketer not just a doer in the business. There's a lot of other people that can be doing the day-to-day jobs in the business to keep it running but there's just myself that rarely can do the marketing and thinking of it as a marketer of the business not just working in the business. And that's the biggest way that the EC has changed my life.

- So really a very, very profound message this week because somehow, somewhere, you have to find time each working week and ideally each working day to be a marketer of your thing not just a doer of your thing. It is that shift that can and will bring about, a dramatic change in your sales, in your revenues and of course in your profits which what it's all about. Thanks for watc

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