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Episode 23

The 4 Critical Questions (That Your Website Must Address)

Are your website visitors engaged or disengaged? No idea?

FACT: The majority of small business sites are useless at capturing the attention of their visitors...

Make sure you're not one of 'em!

Check out this week's episode of our weekly podcast (Business Growth Central) to learn the critical steps you must take to avoid falling into the 'useless website' camp.

Episode 23:
The 4 Critical Questions (That Your Website Must Address)
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Episode Transcript:

Nigel - Just a quick video this week. I wanna talk about your website and we've all got one, haven't we? But how many of us actually give the right sort of thought to what our website is actually there to do. Well, let me help you out in a very practical way. But before I give you the practical tools I need you to be aware of a piece of research. It was undertaken by the Nielson organization. A very respectful, very reputable group of people in America that accessed how long visitors and user will stay on a website before they get either properly engaged or disengaged and the bad news is if they're disengaged they click off and move elsewhere. And the shocking news is that you've got about seven seconds when someone lands on your website to capture their attention sufficiently in order to keep them. And the really sad news is that the majority of small business websites are useless at capturing that attention. And the reason why they're useless at capturing that attention and therefore they don't keep people and it's why so many people come to business websites and bounce straight back off again, is because those websites don't tackle the four critical questions in the first seven seconds. Now, and what it means in practical terms is that you have to answer the four critical questions in what we call the above the fold bit before anyone starts to scroll. 'Cause no one lands, looks around, accesses, and then starts to scroll in less than seven seconds. So we've gotta answer the four critical questions in the top bit of the page. And whether people come to us on a mobile device, or they come to us on a desktop computer, if those four critical questions are answered then what you'll find is the number of visitors not only that come to your site but that stay on your site and therefore do the stuff that you want them to do and find the information that you've got for them, well, it goes through the roof. But you have to answer the four critical questions first. Here's what those four critical questions are. You have to explain what you do. Now I know that sounds obvious but trust me, as someone that's looked at many thousands of small business websites, many of them, they've gone all arty and farty they've looked gorgeous and beautiful but you don't know what they do. So we have to make it really clear, crystal clear. No, no, no, crystal has to be opaque in comparison with the clarity on the opening salvo of your website. Whatever page you're pinging people into has to be really clear what you do. That's critical question number one. The second critical question then is, who's it for? 'Cause none of us in business exist to serve everybody, the whole universe. And the clearer we can make it that this is who we are for the more likely it is that those people when they land on our site and their brains are formulating, this seven-second assessment, "Do I hang around here and explore or do I click off and go somewhere else?" When the who it is for, is messaged and articulated with the same level of clarity as what you do, boom we really are now starting to get in the game. So what do you do, who is it for are the first two elements. The third critical question then that needs answering in those first seven seconds, is why should those people care? Why should it matter to them what you do or who you are for? So there needs to be a strong message in there that articulates why you should matter to that audience because now if you get this whole e-trilogy of opening three questions, what we do, who we do it for, and why you should care. We talk about this in Entrepreneur Circle as being like your category of one, for instance, your unique selling point, might be a similar phrase that's being used historically around it. But why should people care about what you do? Even for the right people who it's for. That's the third question. And then the fourth question that will secure those visitors for a little while longer at least, as they browse around your site, is giving them some clarity as to what they should do next. Now that might involve like, watching a video on your site, it might involve downloading a survey, or some kind of checklist or guide that you've got. Might involve making an inquiry. Make it crystal clear what it is that they should do next. 'Cause when you get those four critical questions answered clearly above the fold, on both the mobile and a desktop device, then what you'll find is your web traffic becomes so much stickier. And when you've got sticky web traffics that's hanging around, your potential or the chances that you have as a business of converting that traffic into really useful leads or inquiries or sales, man, it goes up massively. And that's the little practical nugget that I have for ya in this week's video. Now there is a lot more depth to how you make websites work and we have produced at Entrepreneur Circle a ten-point website audit, which will tell you very systematically the areas of focus that are required on your website. It goes beyond the four critical questions. It goes way beyond them, and if you'd like a copy of that website audit then you can get it from the Entrepreneur Circle. All you've got to do is get in touch or take out one of our bursaries and you'll be able to access all that information completely free.

Matt the Butler - Right, so today's takeaway, just remember when customers visit our website you're. ♪ Seven seconds away ♪ ♪ From losing all of your trade ♪ ♪ They ain't waiting ♪ See, Nina Cherry got it right, but it's still a third of the time that So Solid Crew gave ya, chow a lil bit.

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