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Episode 26

Botty's Book Club (Part 1)

"What do you recommend?"...

... is a question Nigel is asked A LOT when it comes to business books.

So, this week's episode of our weekly podcast (Business Growth Central) was filmed in Nigel's library where he reveals the first 7 of his Top 13 essential books for business owners.

Having read well over 1,000 books, Nigel is more than equipped to give you the inside scoop on the best books that will help you develop and grow your business.

Discover what they are here...

Episode 26:
Botty's Book Club (Part 1)
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Episode Transcript:

Nigel - Ah! Welcome to my library for this week's edition of Business Growth Central. One of the questions that I get asked most in truth when I meet with members of Entrepreneur Circle is what my favourite books are.
Over the years, I have read over well over a thousand books. If there's a book on business or business-related stuff, that's been published in the last 20 years, and indeed many that were published before then I've probably read it. So I do feel fairly well equipped to share with you what I believe are the most useful books for someone who is looking to develop and grow a business.
So I started out oh, I wonder if I can find 10 but I couldn't get it down to 10. So actually what I'm gonna share with you in this episode, and in next week's episode, are the 13 essential books that I believe every business owner would benefit hugely from not just reading, but studying and understanding and deploying. In short, they're the 13 most useful books that have helped shape my entrepreneurial career.
And the first book I've got for you is one that was written by a guy that became a very good friend of mine, Dan Kennedy, who despite rumours to the country is still with us as I'm recording this. But my goodness me, he is sharp. He's definitely from the right wing of the entrepreneurial party, but his book on the "No BS Guide to Time Management" is the best book on helping anyone run a business to organise your time. And I do rate this book as an absolutely essential starting point because for all of us, when we're in business, there's always, ♪ More to do that can never be done ♪ No, no, not that again, it's a different episode. Book number two is this one by a guy called Steve Krug. And I had to say this book should be like on the national curriculum. This is such a powerful book and so really easy little read this. And lots of pictures in it and lots of stuff. And it was written originally for people that were designing websites. And I wish that every web designer have read it and consumed it and understood it. And what I've learned from this book has helped me hugely to make all the web activity in particular, but it doesn't, although it has a web theme, it's implication stretch way beyond that in terms of making it easy for your customers to do the things that you want them to do. And I cannot recommend this highly enough. Well worth the few hours that it will take you to digest this. And it is likely to transform how you think about your website in particular but your customer journey as well. It's a really good one. Now the third book is a bit heavier than the first two and it's a little bit theoretical but my goodness me in a practical way. And this book really opened my eyes at a very early stage in my entrepreneurial career. In particular, to how I could use marketing to persuade people to do what I wanted them to do. And really this is all about psychology. It's a very well-known book. I'm sure you may have heard of it it's called "Influence the Psychology of Persuasion" by Robert Cialdini. And this is one to, you should take a long weekend away with this but you will start to understand the human psyche and how people make decisions and how to motivate them, and indeed to persuade them in very, very effective ways. And this will make your marketing certainly did for me, it made my marketing much more effective. So it's a little bit deeper but my goodness me, it's practical, it's on point and it's very, very powerful. About six years ago a guy that I had been following for quite a little while and announced that he was coming to London, the guy concern is Jeffrey Gitomer. There are a number of works that are in truth could have made it on the list but this is his best one. That's called the "Jeffrey Gitomer Sales Bible" the ultimate sales resource. 'Cause all of us as business owners we have to be effective at selling our shit. That's the truth of it. You know, nothing happens in business til somebody buys something and there's no one better than Gitomer to hone your skills and make you better at enabling people to buy your stuff as opposed to somebody else's. That's why it's on the list. The next book on my list, wasn't available when I first started out in business but I wish it had been. My career started at working for Barclays bank. I had to study for my banking exams and which I did, and I passed them. And I learned about how to read a balance sheet and the profit and loss account and I understood numbers in business but none of that really equipped me and well put me way ahead of most people in terms of my understanding of numbers. It didn't really equip me to succeed in business in the way that this book here will do, Mike Michalowicz's "Profit First. It's been talked about a lot over the last eight to nine years since this was first published. But at the end of the day all us in business need our business to take a profit. And there are some very fundamental lessons in this book that will change the way you think about your business. And for so many business owners, what they earn themselves depends on what's left when everybody else has got paid. And this book turns out completely on its head. And that far I know this has been so helpful to so many members of Entrepreneurs Circle over the years. And there's a very pragmatic, very practical methodology that is talked about here in terms of the bank accounts that you need and how those bank accounts are set up. And he's explained again in a very easy to access way and because it tackles the most important side of business in many respects, which is the money and in particular what's left for us at the end of the week and the month and the year. "Profit First" absolutely gets on my list. This is about it. My sixth book is again written by someone that I've got to know and I've shared the stage with two guys over the years, Karl Blanks and Ben Jesson. At the end of the day in business nowadays so many of us depend on people coming to our website and then doing the things that we want them to do. And the ability of your website, or in particular the web pages that you send people to, to convert that traffic, those people, into leads and prospects that we can then follow through where it makes a really, really big difference. And these guys literally wrote the book on it. It's called "Making Websites Win". It is not a technical book at all. It's a book that I wish every web designer had read and understood because the stuff in here is golden in terms of the impact it has and the thought processes that I learned from this book. Have definitely had a big impact on my business and our ability within Entrepreneurs Circle to market stuff effectively and get people to do the things that we want them to do has been improved markedly by the things that we've learned from this book here. It is an easy read. However, you need a big, thick notepad alongside it 'cause you want to make a lot of notes as you read this book and it will almost certainly harm your relationship with if you're a web designer, because at the end of it you will know so much more than them about what it takes to get people coming to your website to convert into people that give you money. That's about it. And the seventh book on my list of 13 will not be a surprise to any of you. And it's this book here by Marcus Sheridan "They Ask You Answer". This book is all about inbound marketing, content-driven marketing. Many people have made the mistake of superficially grasping what Marcus talks about in this book. This is all about passionately educating your audience. It's much more about the way you think about your customers and your business than it is about the way you order your website or build out your knowledge centre. But again, so many people in Entrepreneur Circle have seen their businesses transform some in a life-changing way by deploying the approaches that Marcus talks about in this book here. Obviously we had him at our convention in 2020. He's back with us at our convention in 2021. So influential is his thinking and so current and all of the time is what he talks about in a very pragmatic way. And in that regard, if you haven't read this little beauty yet then a highly recommend it. So that's the first seven in my book, my 13 essential books for any wannabe super successful entrepreneur. And in next week's episode, I'll have the other six. I'll see you then bye-bye.

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