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Episode 27

Botty's Book Club (Part 2)

Part two of Nigel's list of essential reading.

Nigel discusses the remaining six books on his top 13 list. There might be something in there for you.

Episode 27:
Botty's Book Club (Part 2)
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Episode Transcript:

Nigel - And welcome back to my very expensive library, and for the second part of Business Growth, it's just a green screen, and of Business Growth Central where I am talking to you through the 13 most useful books that have shaped my business, my career, and in truth in some cases have shaped my life. We did seven books in the first episode which you can see already on the vault and I'm gonna do the final six in this little episode now. Now there's no order to these books, they're just 13 books that collectively have brought a lot to my business and my life.

But the eighth one I'm gonna share with you is this one "Ogilvy On Advertising?" Now, David Ogilvy is a genuine hero of mine. Him and Walt Disney are two people that, I wish if I could go back in time they are the two people I would want to meet and converse with. And Ogilvy 'cause very famous Scotsman who went across to America straight after the second world war and ended up founding the advertising agency, which really created modern-day post-war marketing in the 20th century. And the guy is an absolute genius, highly opinionated, I mean somebody long gone now but this book is I think the best, extrapolated is accessible in terms of its length. And again, loads and loads of examples of ads and stuff here, 'cause that's what this is all about. And if you are serious about becoming just a better marketer than other people in your marketplace then you far worse than get your hands on a copy of this book, Ogilvy On Advertising you will help you hugely with writing successful copy anyone in business that is selling stuff. They will be way better, placed, better skilled and more accomplished when they become a student of the great David Ogilvy. And that's the best place to start.

The ninth book in my list is by a guy who sadly died a couple of years ago, Felix Dennis, who had a very colorful life. And he wrote this book in 2006 and in 2006 I was really on the crest of the first wave of real kind of substantial success in business. And this book came out and I bought myself a copy and I read it on a beach in Barbados which I highly recommend by the way if you're going to read a book called How To Get Rich but reading it on a beach in Barbados is a good place. And, but my goodness me, this opened my eyes 'cause Dennis is just an extraordinarily candid bow or I mean the book starts in the opening chapter with all the reasons why you wouldn't want to get rich. All of the burdens that come with establishing real wealth especially through running a business. So this book really is full of life skills. And I know that this has helped a number of people decide that they don't want to get rich and didn't have that impact on me I'm not going to lie, but it has on others but it's on my list because I look back at the books that have helped to shape me and that have been useful for me. This is again, a very, very important one on my journey. And I learned a lot about money and the management of money from Felix Dennis in this book.
Three or four years ago a guy called Gary Keller came out with this little beauty, the one thing and it's a really, really interesting concept. And I kind of got this instinctively and found this hugely helpful. I mean, the promise is pretty big or you can kind of have both less and more. I do less than achieve more and it, always seems a bit of a kind of pipe dream and people peddling snake oil but that's not what this is about. This is about understanding and drilling down in your business and understanding what is the one thing that if I crack it and focus on it will make everything else okay. And it's often not where we spend our time and there's some really good kind of models in here. And again, this is another book that I read whilst on holiday and got me kind of so pumped and excited while I was on holiday. And I got such clarity around where my focus needed to be in my business. And that's why it's on my list 'cause it did have a very significant impact on me and I've become I am very good at getting the right things done which is why it's a bloody good book.

This one's an interesting one. It's quite a small book in terms of size, but this had a big impact for me when I first read this quite a long time ago now. It's called the Richer Wage by Julian Richer. Who of course was the founder of Richer sounds the kind of Hi-Fi chain. And it's got a new supplier How To get The Best Out Of People. It's one of the best business books in history since the independent. It certainly had a formative impact on me, when I read this, it is a very rounded book about running a business that is in particular obviously that grew and scaled very significantly. And I took a lot from this book and I found it very helpful and very useful. And that's why it's got into my top 13.

Now the penultimate book on my list is by a guy called Tony Hsieh. He built it when he was very young and in his early 20s at college in the US. He built a tech company called Link Exchange which was so to Microsoft for quite a lot of money. So he ended up with like hundreds of millions of pounds at a very young age. And what ended up doing without spoiling the book too much was investing a big chunk of that and taking on the role as the head of a company called Zappos and Zappos is an American based business that was an online shoe retailer and the book's called Delivering Happiness A Path To Profits, Passion, And Purpose. And you'll see Tony Hsieh the Hsieh spelt slightly differently. He was born in Taiwan, I think. Now Zappos was the first company, and this is at the turn of the century around the year 2000, they were the first company to offer free shipping both ways, which nowadays is kind of the norm. But in the beginning, when they did it first of all it was revolutionary. And they built Zappos from pretty much nothing to a billion pounds a year of revenue in like 10 years. And this book's got the whole story like 10 years. And there's so much in this and I love how one of the key insights that Hsieh had was to treat the shipping costs as a marketing expense rather than an operational cost. And it completely transformed what they were able to do. And it really did disrupt a market. And it's rare that we can get proper access and understanding of what went on 'cause he shares it all in here. It's like a, it's a great story this book and everything the whole story about how it all came about is in this book. And this book inspired me to build something meaningful and purposeful and profitable more than any other. That's why it's on the list.

And so my final book and I started, the first book was a Kennedy book. And now the last book is a Dan Kennedy book because without a shadow of a doubt Dan Kennedy has been the most influential figure in my business life. The ruthless management of people and profits and no holds barred kick-butt take no prisoners guide to really get enrich which at that point was definitely what I wanted to do. And this book gets deep into what it really takes to get productivity from the people that are working with you and in so doing, maximize the profits for your business. I have implemented quite a lot of the things in this book and they have absolutely definitely played a big part in helping me build the successful enterprise that is Entrepreneur Circle. And indeed the best of in particular, in terms of the team that we have here and how that team works. If there's only you and your business, then this is probably kind of towards the bottom of the 13 lists in terms of usefulness to you. But if you are starting to build a team or indeed you've got a team that you know actually could and should and ought to be contributing more to the business and you want to buy in better, this book could be very very helpful. Definitely not for any snowflake millennials out there they'll run a mile from this, but you'll like it I think.

So 13 books that have inspired, helped, instructed and informed me on my entrepreneurial journey over the last 16 or 17 years. And I share them with you in the hope that perhaps they can do the same thing for you. So I hope that's helpful. We're back with a more normal Business Growth Central this time next week. bye-bye.

Matt the Butler - Oh, hello. John Locke said reading furnishes the mind with only materials of knowledge. It is thinking that makes what we read ours. This one's pretty good as well.

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