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Episode 29

Email Is NOT Dead

Join Nigel in this week's episode of our weekly podcast, Business Growth Central, as things turn slightly morbid.

We're going beyond the grave to visit marketing methods that are well and truly dead...

...or are they!?

Episode 29:
Email Is NOT Dead
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Episode Transcript:

Nigel - Hi, welcome to Business Growth Central where this week, we're tackling one of the biggest taboos in business. A few weeks ago, in fact, it was the last 10 days in April, we ran a campaign that was pretty much exclusively via email. And we had a campaign to promote and encourage people to order a Spotlight Video, and lots of reasons why we were doing that, Spotlight Videos are a brilliant, brilliant piece of collateral for business to have, they're working really well for the hundreds of businesses that have got them and we're putting the price up. So we had a 10 day campaign to buy at the old price, that's just the background and the context. And even though it is absolutely true that open rates are falling and click through rates are falling and it's now harder than it's ever been to get people to pay attention to your emails, it's harder than it's ever been to avoid the purge when people go delete, delete, delete, delete, delete, delete without ever reading what you've written. But still, despite all those challenges, email remains the single biggest driver of revenue into our business. But we sent 14 emails over the course of 10 days and you almost certainly received those emails if you're part of EC. That email campaign was hugely successful for us. It brought in many tens of thousands of pounds in 10 days, it's stacked our order book up for many, many weeks ahead, it was just by all measures, a really big success, but, the concept, the very notion that you should or even could send 14 emails over 10 days, ahhh, it's too much for so many business owners. But the price they pay for not getting their head round this, for not dealing with their head trash that is stopping them from sending those emails is significantly lower revenue. On one of our EC marketing clinics last week, we had one of our members, Rob, who sent in an email for me to critique. And it wasn't a bad email and what he was tryna do was absolutely fine as far as it went, but it only went to page two of the 300 page book and he'd managed to get four leads from this single email that he'd sent out, but the opportunity for him to mirror what we're doing with Spotlight, to have a campaign, to create an offer and a reason to buy and then to communicate with his list multiple tines, 10, 11, 12, 14 times even over 10 days, well if he did that properly, that would have a dramatic impact on his order book as well, and that's what I tried to help him to do. Here's a little clip of our conversation. 'Cause we're really good email marketers, we have honed this over 15 years now. Most of the stuff in our emails is there because we know it works. including the frequency of the emails and including when we send it out. The reason why we sent 14 emails over 10 days is because every single email generated sales. People come to things at different rates and different paces and the same principle will be true in your market. But the thing that people miss is the frequency and the system, and by the way, the whole campaign is all set up, broadly speaking, it's all done ahead of time. We write all the emails and get them all so it just kinda runs. We're not sat most days wondering what we should do today or tomorrow, we write the campaign up front. But the most important thing is this recognition that actually, you're gonna have to send quite a few things and for some of you, oh my God, and again, you'll be fascinated.

Rob - That's the fear as far as-

Nigel - I get it, I get it, but that's what it is, but the price you pay for succumbing to the fear is you make a lot less sales and you have a much smaller business. The prize I gain for recognising that actually, and you've said it's a number game, and it's not a phrase I use very often or like very much, but I do recognise the truth of it, and I think we had seven unsubscribes across that whole campaign. Every time we send an email, we were banking five or six thousand pound. Eight or nine sales came from every email.

Rob - Start on Monday and badger them every day.

Nigel - Well, again you see, you're different, you see that's not a word I would use and if anyone in my team used that word, I'd have them out of the calls, Rob. Isn't it interesting that Rob just see's it as badgering? He thinks that if he sends more than two emails in a week, he is badgering his customers, and that is absolutely not how I see it, at all, and it's not how you need to see it if you want to drive revenue and profit in your business because if you deliver a worthwhile product or service that does genuinely help your customers to do whatever it is that you do, then haven't you got an obligation to fight through all the clutter and all the distraction and get your message across 'cause that's all I'm tryna do when I write my email campaigns. I just need every person in business to understand how this'll help them. Now at that point, they can make a conscious decision to buy or not to buy, I really don't mind, but I'm gonna work really hard to get my message through 'cause if I don't get my message through, I'm letting down my potential customers, I'm letting down my staff 'cause our business isn't as vibrant as it could be, I'm letting down my children and my family because the lifestyle isn't what it could be because I was too cowardly with my marketing and isn't it true that so many businesses, in actual fact, when it comes to their email marketing, well, they're yellow. ♪ Everyone considered him the coward of the county ♪ No one likes a coward and all that's needed here is a bit of a bravery pill. Now you do have to think carefully about the construction of your campaign, but hey, you've got a great template 'cause you received our email campaign during those 10 days in April that is sat in your inbox. You can get 'em and we use a number different devices, we came at things from different angles, we even dropped a video into one of the emails, but we structured their campaign, we did not badger people, we tried to educate them, we tried to inform and we did it in a way that was very, very successful for us and for them 'cause we get a lot of thank you cards and a lot of emails saying how pleased people are with their Spotlight Videos. People when we've actually gone out and filmed it and they've got the video and they've used it, oh my goodness, they're getting more sales. If I hadn't been resolute and bold and brave with my email campaign and the way that I want you to be, well they would never have had a Spotlight Video and now their lives are diminished markedly because I didn't and wouldn't have done my job and know what, that's not the place that any of us want to end up in and that's why I'm making a big thing this week about you and your email marketing 'cause almost certainly, just like Rob on the clinic, there are people that you should be sending emails to this week, multiple emails sent intelligently and thoughtfully that are gonna trigger people to take action and yes, let's say it, let's not be scared of it, they're going to spend money with you. And that's a good thing, and it's a good thing for you 'cause it enables you to build your business and it's a good thing for them 'cause they're gonna benefit from all the tremendous value that you're going to provide with the service that you deliver. But it won't happen if you're cowardly and yellow with your email marketing. Take it away, Kenny. ♪ Everyone considered him a the coward of the county ♪ Delete, delete, delete, delete, oh, I've been looking for one of them. So could your customers. Don't be afraid to write your email campaign, don't be afraid to send it out, don't worry that you're badgering people 'cause yoube got a good product, you've got a good service and you need to let people know about it. People need it, they want it and all you need to do is let them know. Start typing, we've even got templates for ya, what more do you want?

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