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Episode 31

Perfect Your Swing

Dust off your checked plus fours, pull up your argyle socks and join Nigel on the golf course in this week's episode of Business Growth Central as he explains the biggest mistake made by most marketers.

You'll be surprised how similar golf and marketing are!

Episode 31:
Perfect Your Swing
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Episode Transcript:

Nigel - Hi and welcome to Business Growth Central, we're out in the sunshine this week, where we are about to confront the biggest mistake that is made by all marketers. Let's make sure it isn't you. We see it time after time here at EC, business owners have a really great idea for a particular new piece of marketing or promotion. It's really creative, the message is really strong. They spend a lot of time crafting and perfecting the ad or sometimes it's the direct mail piece or the letter. And I get things sent into me to critique. We get things logged into the clinics every week where people are looking for help on getting these campaigns off and running. And some of them are really, really good, but none of them and I mean literally none of them have the most important element included. And I don't want you to make that same mistake. So today on Business Growth Central, I'm getting out of my comfort zone. I am inappropriately dressed for what I'm about to share with you because I need to talk to you about golf swings. Now, I know I'm not dressed for the golf course this morning but I wanna use this golf analogy 'cause I need somehow to give you a memory peg, so that today's message sticks with you because it's really, really important. Arguably, it's the single most important message that we've ever tried to convey on Business Growth Central. And I know if I can get your business to log this properly into your psyche so you deploy this particular element of marketing effectively, it'll make a tremendous difference to your sales and to your results. So I'm using the golf swing analogy because a golf swing obviously normally, and I'm not gonna hit the ball 'cause we're in a car park here, all sorts of things will happen, so normally, the golf swing starts, we address the ball, we take the club back and then we come through to impact. And then there is the follow-through. Now metaphorically speaking, what happens is, the marketer, the business owner, that's you, has an idea. They do all the preparation. They take the swing back, they get the design right on the particular flyer or the ad or the email. Then they launch and they bring it right down to impact. They get out of there with a big splash. And then what happens in most cases is all. Can you imagine the futility of the golf shot that has such a powerful backswing and brought the ball down and it stopped there. The ball would not go very far. The most important part of the golf swing is not the backswing, it's not the boost through, it's making sure that you follow through and you're following through. And that's the biggest mistake made by so many marketers. And that's why I wanted to open my entire golfing up for critique this morning, or this afternoon wherever you are watching this, 'cause I need to give you a memory peg, 'cause it's ridiculous to think that a golfer would do a shot that stopped there. The ball goes nowhere, that ball, the swing has gotta come through and your marketing has to have the follow through. I have lost count of the number of times that I've had people on our clinic bring me a particular critique or a piece of marketing and we go through it and we refine it and we help them to make it better. And then I say, but of course the most important thing is what's gonna happen after you've launched this. What are your plans for the follow-through? And they say, Nige, I've given no thought to the follow through yet. And I want you to recognise the absurdity of that. The stupidity of that, the ridiculousness of that from a business owner perspective, it is all about the follow-up when it comes to marketing, in the same way that on the golf course, it's all about the follow through. Follow through, follow up. I don't care, as long as you don't it up. That's the key message from Business Growth Central this week, I'm keeping it short, I'm keeping it succinct, 'cause that's what I need you to know, avoid making this big mistake that so many other businesses are making week after week, day after day, doing great marketing but screwing up the followup. Do not make it happen to you.

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