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Episode 32

You're The Secret Sauce!

If you're not using this marketing tool, you're missing out - massively.

You're throwing away a HUGE opportunity to attract new customers and retain those you already have.

This really is the secret sauce to skyrocketing your marketing.

Episode 32:
You're The Secret Sauce!
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Episode Transcript:

Nigel - Hi, welcome to Business Growth Central. Can you imagine how dull Business Growth Central would be if I wasn't in it? Imagine if I just had a cushion of me, for instance, or a picture. Or maybe I tried to remain anonymous. I mean, it'd be ridiculous, wouldn't it? because just like you, I too am a human being. And what I discovered a long long time ago, is that for everybody that runs a business, that cares about their business, that is passionate about their business and enjoys providing great service to their customers. Well, you, as the business owner, you're the secret sauce and nothing can ever do as good a job as you can at articulating what it is that makes your business special, why your potential customers should spend money with you. But isn't it also ridiculous that we're here in the 2020s and there are businesses in this country, ambitious businesses, progressive businesses, brilliant businesses that do a fantastic job for their customers but they have no visible video presence online. They are throwing away the opportunity to utilise the secret sauce, to get the business owner, maybe it's the team on-camera, just being genuine and sincere and authentic and sharing with your potential customers what it is that you can do, how you can help them, why you ought to be the obvious choice for them. 'Cause the message this week is really, really simple. If you are not using video in your marketing, you are almost certainly missing out on sales. The price you are paying for succumbing to your inhibitions and natural shyness are potentially life-changing, 'cause when people can actually see you on video, when they can actually recognise oh, actually, gosh, they look like nice people. That guy knows what he's talking about. Wasn't she lovely? They're more likely to pick up the phone to talk to you, to turn an inquiry form in, to come and see you, to ask you if you can help them. And you know the old adage that a picture is worth 1000 words. Well, in a video, there's 25 frames every second. So that's 25,000 words every second, because that's what video allows you to do. We can communicate so much more effectively than we can with the written word or just with pictures. Imagine if I had to write this episode down and script it, you wouldn't have read it. No, 'cause you're too busy, but you'll watch this little one or two minutes of video and you'll get a perception and you'll get a picture. And if it's done properly and done well, that perception and that picture pull you and me closer together. And that's what you're missing out on by not utilising video in your business. And that's my little plea this week. If last week's golf swing was all about not fucking up the follow-up. Well this week's message is please, please, please do not miss out on all the sales that could come your way in this period now of massive economic boom that we're entering as a country, with growth gonna be at record levels. We've never had the economy growing at the pace it's growing now in any of our lifetimes, and the businesses that are using video, well, they're the ones that I see in the biggest growth, that are enjoying the biggest uplift in their sales. They're the ones that are going further, faster than their competitors and that could be you. And if you'd like help getting your business on video then let the EC team help. Spotlight Video crew will come to you. They'll film a fantastic video that positions you well, that makes you super attractive to your target customers. It'll all be edited and crafted and produced perfectly and it can be on your website in a matter of weeks. Special offer for all Business Growth Central viewers today, click the button below and get your spotlight video for just £599 plus VAT.

Matt the Butler - Now video can be a very, very powerful tool to encourage your customers to come and see you and engage with you. Obviously I'm professional, Nige is a professional, but you don't have to be. We can help you out if you need to.

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