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Episode 33

Be More Gareth

"I know I should ask my team to do XYZ... but it will be so much easier and quicker if I do it myself"

Sound familiar?

Join Nigel in this week's episode of Business Growth Central (our weekly Podcast) as he discusses this genuine challenge in business that soooo many people fall into the trap of.

SPOILER: There may be a football reference or two. You'll be surprised at how much Gareth Southgate can teach you about business...

Episode 33:
Be More Gareth
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Episode Transcript:

Nigel - Hi, welcome to Business Growth Central. We're right in the middle of Euro 2020 in 2021, I mean the football's on all over the country, but in this room yesterday, we had one of my inner circle mastermind meetings and something came up that is very relevant to every single business owner and it concerns Gareth Southgate.

Gareth Southgate - So therefore you've got to try and take control of the bits that you would like to have a say in.

Nigel - Yesterday, we had 14 business owners in here as part of my inner circle mastermind group. And one guy in particular raised the biggest issue and challenge that he's having. And he said, Nige, how do you cope, how do you handle it when you know that you should be getting your team to do stuff, but it'd just be so much easier and quicker if I just do it myself? And I recognise it's a genuine challenge for so many people in business. 'Cause it is, we can do everything, and often the time, it's just quicker and easier for you to do it, but it's not a smart thing to do because you see, everything in business comes at a price. And the price you pay for doing today's tasks 'cause it's just quicker and easier if I do it myself, but the price you pay is you end up stuck where you are because the time you spend doing that particular task that someone else could have done, but it's just quicker and easier if you do it yourself, that time you spend doing that task means you cannot spend the time and the focus and the energy on the other stuff that will move the business forward and make your business better. And that's where Gareth Southgate comes in. I mean, imagine being a manager of your national team at a major championship, could be any sport, happens to be football that's going on at the moment. Gareth Southgate was a good footballer, 56 caps he got for England, he can play the game. Except, he's the manager, so he can't go on the pitch. So it's Gareth's job to decide the tactic, to pick his players, to build his team, to decide how they're gonna play, to drill it and train it and equip the people that are gonna go out there on the pitch, but there comes a point that typically in football terms, three o'clock on a Saturday afternoon when his team have to cross the white line and go and play on the pitch and he has to stand back and watch 'em. Because if you are serious about moving your business to a markedly different place, if you are serious about building something that is genuinely bigger than you, then at some point you have to take the leap. I recognise, and it happens many times in my business that I still think I can do everything better than anybody else, but I recognise the price I would pay if I was doing everything will be a massively diminished business 'cause my capacity to do stuff will be severely constrained EC would not have the reach that it has right now.

Gareth Southgate - We're still improving.

Nigel - We got our local meetings coming along in July, and I know that I could be fantastic, I could run the local meetings, but I can't run 109 local meetings. It's not possible. And if I didn't release my ambassadors to do those meetings, to put their stamp on it, their flourish, some of them will make mistakes, the meetings won't be perfect, but the outcome is EC is expanding and growing and it's reaching more people, and our impact is gonna be bigger because I've kind of got over myself and recognise that I'm more Gareth Southgate than Harry Kane, and so are you, and that's the really important thing. When we started out, we looked at the conversation that went on yesterday in this room and we ended up talking to one guy who was very disillusioned with two new salespeople that he brought in. You see in the previous month, before these two sales guys arrived, he'd got 20 leads into the business. And he, the business owner, 'cause he did all the selling, he'd sold 12 of them, 12 out of 20, but he needed to do other stuff to build the business. And he figured he could bring in a sales team that would liberate him and free him up. But he's really downhearted because his two sales guys that he's brought in, well, they've only sold eight out of 20, but there are two of them, so the actual fact is sales are 16 in the month, and when he was doing it himself, he only made 12 sales. So the business has grown by 33% in the month and what he brought to the table was is it time to sack my new salespeople 'cause they're only selling eight out of 20 and I was selling a 12 out of 20. I said, well, hang on, you're having no trouble getting the leads, and in total you've made 16 sales where you could only make 12. This is a smart way to work with those people, turn 8 sales a month each into nine, and then maybe 10, make them better players like Gareth does, but stop getting on the pitch yourself. Recognise that to build a business that's bigger than you, you have to be the manager, you have to be Gareth Southgate. You cannot be Harry Kane. And all of this, you know, can be summed up in one very simple phrase and joyously, this phrase has been stuck on the wall, in this very room where we were having the meeting, it's been here for five years, five years ago since I did this graphic, it says know the difference between your task and your purpose. And as business owners, that's where we have to connect with ourselves. So understand, well, what is our purpose? What are we here to do? And if you wanna build a big business, if that is your purpose, you cannot get sucked in to the day-to-day doing things yourself, just because it's easier and quicker for you to do it. Your purpose is to build something bigger than you. Start with the little things, use your VA, they are fantastic at the VA to do this stuff, make sure you're not doing your bookkeeping and answering your own phone, but then start to release stuff because it's the only way, it's the only way you can win. You have to recognise and understand the difference between your task and your purpose and yes, the work does have to get done today. And yes, we do, all of us have to roll up our sleeves from time to time. Hey, even Gareth Southgate gets involved on the training ground with his players, prepping them, equipping them, teaching them, showing them, but he can't play on the pitch, and you shouldn't either. That's what this episode of Business Growth Central is all about. Right, come on England.

Matt the Butler - Yeah, the delivery was late again, mate. I'm sorry, but you need to get this sorted because I need those wraps, I need that chicken.

Matt the Butler - Hello mate. Yeah, just give me, just give me two seconds, all right? Yeah, okay, can you get that salty for me? Yeah? Okay, all right, nice one. thank you. Yes, mate.

Matt the Customer - Chicken wrap please.

Matt the Butler - Let me just check and see if I've got some of them for ya. Have we got any chicken wraps? Yeah, I'll have to go and make one for you. All right, okay mate, yeah, no problem at all. See, you can't do it all on your own. You need to make sure that you're concentrating on other things that you need to do and let everybody else deal with the day to day. All right, take care, bye.

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