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Episode 35

Stand Out From The Crowd

Join Nigel in this week's episode of our weekly podcast (Business Growth Central) as he uncovers one of the BEST tactics to get you in front of your dream customers.

Do you have a list of prospects that you're eager to talk to?

Have you identified a company that you'd LOVE to work with?

This tactic will help you cut through the clutter, stand out from the crowd and make an incredible first impression.

Discover what it is here...

Episode 35:
Stand Out From The Crowd
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Episode Transcript:

Nigel - Hi, it's me again, no, it's not. No, you had your chance. Welcome to Business Growth Central for our second episode regarding video, but this one, oh, this one's a little bit different. In fact, this weeks episode's not really about video at all. What it's about is cutting through the clutter and connecting with your ideal customers, in particular if you are B2B. So you're selling to other businesses and you have got a dream list. There are businesses, people, individuals that you would really like to get into conversation with, or get a meeting with. And if that's the case, boy oh boy, have I got something super powerful for you. This ladies and gents is a video card. Now we've been using them in Entrepreneur Circle for many, many years now. And lots of our more established members use them to very great effect, especially in B2B markets. This is, as you can see, it's about A4 size, nice and solid, nicely bound on the front. And when I open it up, there's a video. So these are really fantastic because when they deliver these, you send them in the post. So they arrive direct mail, in a big padded bag, usually something colourful and bright, so it stands out. No matter who are you going to, We've sent these cards to chief execs of Fortune 100 businesses or HR directors and ops directors, and all sorts of different people in organisations that we're really wanting to connect with. And so lots of our members, this is one by Netwatch about hiring the people. Same principle peeks in the video plays on the inside. I've disconnected all this. This was a great one that Tom Warren to use to get into schools. And this is look at the writing on the front of that piece there, and this one hinging on the top. And this was a message, I've unpowered this one, but this worked really, really well to get Tom into many, many hundreds of schools. This is a brilliant one, Seven Seconds To Win all about again, helping businesses, the customers of this business, our other businesses, and a really beautiful standout video card that's produced. There we go. This did work absolutely well. This was tremendous at getting in to a new market for this because then again, it's eye catching, open it up and off it goes. You get the jist of what I mean. You design the cover. These are all produced. You know, they've got things on the back as well. We often put testimonials on the back. They don't have to be A4 size. This worked really well for Kevin and his team, Easy Truck to get into forklift truck sales. And that was a smaller piece, but the same principle goes along inside. All nice hardback. But what happens on these turn up, you make an impression. That's the big difference. They're not forgotten about. People are not used to seeing video cards. They stand out. They go have you seen this? They get passed around. Most importantly, they forge connections. They work very, very well indeed. Now there's a lot of information on the use of video cards in the vault. There's a link below this particular video. You can see on the screen now as well. There is a deal that we have. We have a supplier in China. That's the cheapest way to get these. There are UK suppliers, but you will typically pay more money. Just to be clear what happens is the vendor video cards arrive. You get, you do the design and there are templates for them. Cause obviously you've got quite a one side, two sides, three sides around the screen, four on the back as well. Plus the spine all can get designed with your messaging and then the cards arrive with you. And what they've all got in them is a little mini USB port. This one's at the front little mini USB port just there and that you plug it in and that's how you put the video onto the card. That makes sense. So you don't have to have the video ready to get the cards to produced. These cards arrive, typically you'd have to order 50 of them. They're going to cost somewhere around 40 to 50 pounds for something like this, each. So you're in for a couple of grand to have 50, but when you've got 50, they are reusable. Cause you'll get a lot of them back. Every time you sent 10 out you'll you will after a little bit of effort, but you'll get six, seven, eight of the 10 will come back so you can reuse them and utilise them again. And when you think about it, if you're doing B2B work, typically you contract for a value where actually you would happily pay a couple of thousand pounds plus a bit of postage to get five, six, 10 meetings with your ideal customers. And that's why we love video cards so much because they're such an effective piece of marketing. There's nothing inherently complicated about them. Obviously getting the message right on the screen. The videos are typically quite short on there. They're a very personal message to the individual that you're talking to. And what you sell on the video is the meeting or the phone call do not sell your product or service, sell the meeting or the phone call and come at it from their perspective. So video cards are this week's topic because they can make such a massive difference. And again, what we're all about is making sure you get your share, your fair share the right share, the biggest share, hell let's go for the biggest share of this huge economic growth that the country is experiencing right now. And video cards might help you do that.

Matt the Butler - Right, so today's takeaway if you've got that extra special customer, that dream list that you really, really, really, really, really, really, really want to land, put a bit more thought into it and what could be more special than a wonderful video card that expresses your message to the customer that you want. Bye!

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