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Episode 37

They've Done F**k All About It

We're back with another bite-size bit to help your business grow in this week's episode of our podcast, Business Growth Central!

This week, Nigel's getting a little worked up(!) but it's only because he knows with every certainty of his being that if YOU were able to 'get' what he's talking about in this episode (and incorporate it into your daily life) - then my goodness me... would it make a MASSIVE difference to your success in business...

Everything Nigel's been able to achieve in business is down to this.

So listen to this week's episode of Business Growth Central and find out what he's talking about!

Episode 37:
They've Done F**k All About It
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Episode Transcript:

Nigel - Welcome to very a hot and sweaty episode, Business Growth Central. Now, whilst we've all been enjoying the sunshine and the heat wave of the last couple of weeks, an increasingly large number of Entrepreneurs Circle members have been making some very significant adjustments, some changes to their daily habits. And I'm really excited about this because it's come about as a result of the presentation that I gave a couple of weeks ago now. We ran a two day event, which we modestly called, The Best Management Course For Business Owners in the Whole World Ever. And I talked about how was busy and we have to manage the four elements in any business. We have to manage our head, what's going on up here. We have to manage our business, the actual numbers of what's actually going on. We have to manage our time, and we have to manage our people. And it was in the time section in particular, that something I said resonated and what was particularly interesting, it is a topic that I have talked about ever since we started Entrepreneurs Circle way back in 2010, and what's been really fulfilling from my perspective, but I think really informative and instructive from your perspective is the number of EC members that have been in touch over the last couple of weeks saying that that whilst they've heard this particular thing before, it was only at this event that the penny finally dropped and they've started to do something about it. And oh well, that is a worthy reason for us to extract from that event, the seven or eight minutes where I go off on well, I'm not gonna lie, on this particular topic. But I'm doing it because I know deep, deep inside me with absolute every certainty of my being, I know that if you are able to get this and incorporate it into your daily habits, my goodness me, it will make a massive difference to your success in business. Everything I've been able to achieve in business, I owe it to this, that's the truth. Let's have a listen. People think I just talk about this and don't do it. Which is not true. I'm in like my 19th year now. No one's ever said, Nige, you're wrong. Doing 90 minutes will not work. No one has ever said that to me ever, but you're all familiar with this. You've got the rocks and the gravel and the sand and the jam jar. And that jam jar, that jam jar is your working day, and those rocks on the right hand side of that picture on page 82, they're the big things that are gonna move you to where you wanna be. So, put them in the jam jar first. 'Cause once you've got the big things in the jam jar, the little things will fit around it. Yet that's what so many businesses do on a daily basis. And you know the stupidity of it in many ways. You know that if you put all the little bits in the jam jar first, you won't be able to get the big rips in, but that's what happens in business. Everybody does the little stuff. And I know just to be clear, I know the little stuff has to be done, I know that you've got to look after the customers, I know that you've got to make sure that things are administrated properly, that everything's up to date with your book keeping and all the correspondences dealt with. I know there's all that stuff to do. I'm not diminishing it. I'm not dissing it and I'm not ever suggesting that you don't get it done, but don't do it first. That's really stupid 'cause then you get, everybody else is all right, but you're stuck where you are and where you are is not where you wanna be. And when that continues in a perennial state for months or years as it does for a lot of people, oh. I recognise if this is not some, oh my God, what an amazing insight, no, he's just stating the obvious. Yet hardly anyone does it. But those of us that do are living love lives with great businesses that are in really good shape. And you say, oh, what's the secret? Oh, it's Nige, he's just got lots of energy. Yes he has. But that's not why he's where he is, he's where he is because of the 90 minutes. Nothing, nothing comes close to the impact. 'Cause I've been doing it effectively every bloody day for 18 years. So many people have heard me talk about this so many times. And so many people have done fuck all about it. That's not a joke. It's true. It's not even remotely funny. It's actually quite sad. And it is the classic biggest example of the difference between knowing something and doing something. Yeah, that's the start, the starting point is to put it in the diary. Put in the diary, a 90 minute appointment with yourself. You can choose whatever time of day you wanna do it. You could start tomorrow because you can pull your diary up now 'cause you've either got it with you in your pocket or it's on your screen. Go into your diary now, now we'll know who's serious about this and put a 90 minute appointment with yourself tomorrow and then put another one in for Thursday and another one in for Friday, and then start to clear five of them for next week. And by a week on Friday you'll start to see 'cause you'll have physical demonstrable proof, both tangible and emotional of the difference this makes. 90 minutes, five days a week is seven and a half hours a week. Over the course of a month, that's 30 hours, which if you are spending that time when you're at your best, so that's 30 of your most productive hours and you're able to do it without interruption in the right environments, focus on the right things. Oh my God, amazing things can happen. But if you don't make the appointment in your diary, if you don't ring fence the time, we both know what's gonna happen because the day-to-day tentacles will come out and they'll grab you. Because every single day there'll be stuff that needs dealing with. There'll be people that want your time, whether they are customers or staff or suppliers, or domestically, even, not gonna lie. Just occasionally I have to compromise domestically to get my 90 minutes in. But if you don't make the 90 minutes happen, you ain't gonna move that much is what I've learned over the last 18 years. Matt, can I borrow you for a second?

Matt the Butler - Will you leave me alone? I'm doing me 90 minutes.

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