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Episode 39

Great Business, Highly Recommend

We're back with another bite-size bit to help your business grow in our podcast, Business Growth Central!

There is one thing that has a huge impact on where customers choose to go to investigate, look, enquire and spend their money...

...it's free to fix and in this week's bumper episode Nigel (ably assisted by two very special guests!) shares it with you!

Episode 39:
Great Business, Highly Recommend
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Episode Transcript:

Nigel - Hi, welcome to "Business Growth Central" where this week we're talking about one of the most important ways in which customers, consumers decide where to spend their money. Now, depending on lots of factors, your comfort with tech, maybe even your age, the extent to which you use all the tools available to make your decisions about where you spend your money, well, you might be different to lots of other people in the rest of society, because there is one thing is having a huge impact on where consumers, customers are choosing to go, either to actually spend their money or to go and investigate, and look, and inquire. And it's something that, the good news is, is free to fix, it does require though, a little bit of thought and time. So we're gonna cover it in this week's episode. And I got two of my gang here to help us. Hello gang.

Both - Thanks Nige.

Claire - You know, he never did mention what we were going to be talking about.

Michelle - No he didn't Claire, we could be talking about anything, but what are we going to talk about today?

Claire - Grade Us and reviews, I think.

Michelle - Grade Us and reviews, my gosh, how exciting, we love getting reviews here at the Entrepreneurs Circle, and we know how important it is to you out there to consistently get good inquiries for your business. And Nig isn't wrong, doing this thing actually can massively increase your opportunity to grow your business exponentially by doing something straightforward. So reviews, Claire, I mean, God, we could talk all day about this,

Claire - We could.

Michelle - but I know we've got a short window. We have got some resources that we're going to share with you, but the power of reviews is massive, isn't it?

Claire - Absolutely.

Michelle - Yeah, so why should a business be bothered about getting reviews in your opinion?

Claire - Well, it's all about social proofing. So basically before people make a decision as to whether or not they want to do business with you, they're probably going to do a lot of research. And so if you've got a huge history or a large catalogue of really good reviews, it gives people information, it positions you as an authority, it means that you're trustworthy, and so people are more likely to spend money with you.

Michelle - Absolutely, and it's quite a competitive world out there, and we all know through our own behaviours and our own actions, if we're looking for a blank, on Google, let's say, the people that we choose are the ones that have the most stars as, as crude as that sounds, but we all do it. So we've got people sat there watching today, Claire, who haven't made a concerted effort to get a rhythmic flow of reviews, which I think is a massive missed opportunity. And what we're going to do today is really share with you about why you should do it, and then how we get you into that rhythm. So is there any limit Claire to how many reviews a business can get?

Claire - Absolutely not, especially you're using a particular tool that I'll be talking about soon.

Michelle - Ooh, exciting stuff. So, let me just share with you then why you should be bothered about getting reviews. As we've said already, it will help you get a rhythmic flow of business, of lead generation. What you do with those leads then is an important secondary factor. But if you don't have a regular flow of fresh reviews, then quite frankly, you're not going to get to the top of the pile when it comes to people making inquiries with you. Secondly, we need to show you and present you as an expert, as an authority, as Claire rightly said, because it is a dog eat dog world out there, and we want you to elevate your position as an expert. And the fact that you've got reviews, which are basically positive reviews, there might be a few in there that actually even things out a bit, which is a good thing, by the way, will show authenticity, transparency, in that it's not just you shouting about how brilliant you are through all this great marketing that you're putting out there, it's about backing you up as that authority of that trusted source of that service or of that product that you are providing. So there's so many great things, I mean, we could do a whole hour on this piece together. And we are going to refer you to a great resource, it's a how to guide on how to get reviews, how to get a consistent flow of reviews for your business, but I'm just going to share with you that in my opinion, the nine things that you need to do to make the rhythmic review collection as easy as you possibly can. So the first thing you've got to do is have a priority in your business to go out and make it happen. So you need to set yourself, well, you need to understand where you are first, so if it's zero, we need to get you out of the starting blocks. I like double digits, I love setting a challenge for my clients of getting them up to 10 at least online. And that feels like quite a doable figure, doesn't it, Claire?

Claire - Yes.

Michelle - So, yeah, let's get you to double digits. If you're already past double digits, I want you to really, really check when you last got a fresh, positive review. Because if it was two years ago, that's not good enough, it's not. You need fresh constant reviews that are drip feeding in and across multiple platforms for your business. So the first thing you've got to do out of my nine, you've got to ask for them. So you need ways and systems to ask your customers that are positively reviewing you to get those for you. So the simple route to do it is to ask. Now you can do that through online systems, which my fabulous Claire is going to share with you in a short while, but you've first got to make sure that as part of your business priority, you have got a target in place to make sure that your reviews are coming through. So that's the second thing. So you got to ask for them, then you've got to set yourself a target. You can then automate that follow-up process of asking people when they've done business with you. So that's another helpful way of making it less manual as a process and actually speeding up the process of getting them. So when you've serviced a client, build an automated email sequence, that means from the minute that you've serviced them, they're happy, they then get an email asking them to leave a review, and we'll show you examples of that in our how to guide. Use your team. If you know you're going to ask for them, you've got to follow up system, get your team involved in asking for them as well. And I've seen some really fabulous ways from my clients that do this, John O'Sullivan from Promotive down in Newport, in Wales, set his team at target. He knew he wanted to get more, he doesn't do any other marketing apart from Google My Business Posts and getting reviews, and it is having a massive impact on his business. I mean, best ever months, best ever years. And he set his team at target, he wanted them to smash the hundred review mark. They started at 53 and in less than 4 months, they're now at 106. And he's used Chris, his guy in house, to specifically ask, and they follow up with everybody. So again, a very simple process, but massive impact on his business. So you've got to use your team. You've then got to use multiple platforms to share those reviews. So typically Google My Business, you know, use them on Facebook, use them on Trustpilot, as many platforms as you can get to showcase who you are and what you do is a really impactful thing. If you do have team members that are particularly motivated by incentives, like lovely Chris down at Promotive, then set an incentive as well, 'cause that's always very, very helpful. We certainly have one in-house here, we have a target that we have that we have to hit every single week, and we hit it because everybody's on it. You need to also make sure that you respond to reviews, because responding to reviews, whether they're positive or indeed slightly not so positive, which is a good thing by the way, is really, really important because it shows that you care. If you've asked someone to do something and then you respond, double win for you. So you must always respond, and there are many ways in which you can do that, it's very simple. And then what you've got to do is you can't be shy, you need to use these reviews everywhere, ie, on your proposals when you're out there pitching for business, you know, use them on your email signatures, use them on your leaflets, on your neighbour cards to just to differentiate you from anybody else. And you can use that line, the only X, Y, and Z to have more than, you know, more than any other X with five-star reviews on Google, and people love that because it hugely differentiates you and positions you as that export, excuse me, expert. So what I'm now I'm going to do is I'm now going to hand over to Claire who's going to talk to you about the final point, which is using an online system, Claire. So just share with me why you should use an online system firstly?

Claire - Well, it takes as you said, and you mentioned before, the manual aspect out of it. So I'm going to be sharing a walk through about a tool called Grade Us, which actually helps to take off quite a few options on that list of yours.

Michelle - Okay, lovely, let's get into it.

Claire - Hi guys, I'm going to be running through everything that you need to know about Grade Us in the next few minutes. Grade Us is a great tool that can really help you with getting reviews and getting that rhythmic acquisition reviews. The place where Grade Us really excels is that through a lot of the tools and widgets that they have that allow you to gain reviews, what it does is protects your overall review score on a lot of your review platforms, which we'll get into in a moment. So with Grade Us you can create a personalised review landing page, which is where you can send all your traffic, then get a general score rating from them, and potentially direct them to your other platforms. You can add loads of different review sites, there's a maximum of five that you can have on your personalised landing page. As you can see for us, we've used Trustpilot, Google, and Facebook, the big three, if you will, and offer them as an option for Grade Us reviews. Now with a lot of the widgets, which we'll cover in a second, it all drives traffic to this personalised landing page. And you can see that you can have it branded, you can create messaging, and you can also alter the star ratings, where they want stars, hearts, circles, that sort of thing. What this does though, is you can create a flow. So for us, what we have done is so that when anyone rates us four stars or higher, what will happen is they'll get a message saying, oh, thank you for your feedback, we would really appreciate it if you would leave us a review on one of these sites. So if I was to click this, now you can see that it brings up the three different review platforms that we've added to Grade Us, and it asks then to leave a review on that site. So if I was to click Trustpilot, it goes through how you can leave a review on Trustpilot, and if they scroll down, it'll go, review us, and then it will open up a new tab and bring you straight through to the review platform where you can then leave the review. Pretty handy. But where Grade Us really comes into its own is when you leave a review that is three stars or lower, because what this does is removes the option for them to be able to leave you a review publicly, therefore protecting your overall score. Instead, what it prompts people to do is to leave a feedback form. So why was it that you didn't have like a stellar experience with us? You can request feedback, this then gets sent to you via email, and you can deal with these privately and potentially improve the experience of that customer. So it's a great way of getting feedback on people's experiences with you and your services or your products, as well as being a great tool for getting that rhythmic acquisition for reviews. So we're going to cover the widgets now that I talked about briefly before. So the widgets are a great way to integrate and systemize your review collection, it makes it a lot easier. You can incorporate the tools, or the widgets as they're called, into your email signatures. So this basically means that if you ever send anyone an email, you're constantly asking them for a review, they can then interact with your email signature, and if they want to leave you a review, if they say, click the four star, it will bring them straight through to your review landing page, where they can then leave a review or some comments. You've also got the option for QR codes, which is really good for any print materials. You then also got code that you can embed on your website in order to ask people who visit the site or any member areas that you might have client areas online to leave a review at any point. But now that it's collecting all of these reviews, how Grade Us can really help you is to showcase reviews on your website. So if we go over here to the my reviews section, you can see all the reviews that have come from various different platforms. You can also embed what is known as your review stream. So this is a piece of code where you can showcase your reviews, as we have done here on the left hand side, on your website, either in this linear format or through a carousel, which is the scrolling option along the bottom of a lot of people's screens. And on here, you can see where they've come from, whether they've come from Google, whether they've come from Trustpilot, or even Facebook. So as you can see, Grade Us is a really useful tool and I highly recommend that you guys have a look into it.

Nigel - So hopefully that was super helpful for you. As Michelle said, there is more detail, more depth on everything that we've covered in today's episode, in the link, in the vault that you can see on the screen right now. Thank you ever so much to Claire for the walkthrough, for me, for distilling into simple, easy to follow steps, you know, the route for you to significantly improve your reputation, to get more people paying attention to you, 'cause that is what will drive your leads, your inquiries, and your sales. That's our "Business Growth Central", next week, see you in seven days time.

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