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Episode 4

Customers - They're All Different

What does Tony Hawk and Nigel have in common?

..the answer is in this week's BGC episode.

Coming to you, this week from Nigel's back garden.

Nigel shares a VERY important lesson that will help you to understand your audience and get inside their heads.

REMEMBER: They're not all created equal.

Episode 4:
Customers - They're All Different
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Episode Transcript:

Nigel Botterill:
Hi. Welcome to Business Growth Central. And an episode this week coming to you from my back garden. Now it was instigated by a conversation that I had a little while ago with Steve Perry. Now, if you are new to Entrepreneurs Circle, or you don't know Steve, let me tell you that Steve Perry is the guy in the UK who knows the most about getting paid traffic to your website, whether it's Google ads or Facebook ads. Steve is the man, and Steve's got a great team. It's a small but beautifully formed team of experts that run Google campaigns and Facebook campaigns for lots of businesses. And Steve and I were chatting about some of his marketing campaigns and pretty much everything Steve was doing was based around what EC does, which is we teach people how to do things. We show you the exact steps that you need to make, whatever it is that you're doing happen, whether it's a Google campaign or a Facebook campaign, which is all very well and good when your business is Entrepreneurs Circle.

But when your business is actually running campaigns on Google and Facebook for other businesses, you need to remember and recognise a very important thing. Not everybody wants to know how things work and how to do it themselves. There are plenty of entrepreneurs, quite smart ones, in fact, that just want it doing for them. And I've come into my back garden to illustrate exactly this point. My youngest son, Fabian loves skateboarding, in fact, skateboarding and drumming is kind of all that he does. But unfortunately, a few weeks ago when he was on the way back from the local skate park, which is about a mile away, him and his pals were attacked by a gang of older youths and the police got involved and it really wasn't very nice at all. And I found myself, sat in a police station at eight o'clock on a Monday night.

So I'm waiting for Fabian to give his statement and everything to be sorted out and I'm Googling, skate ramp, because I'm thinking I've got the space. I just want a skate ramp. And I'm one of the entrepreneurs that just wants it doing for me, and I found the perfect skate ramp for my back garden. And I was mentioning it the following day to Steve, who many of you will know is my PA. Now Steve got really excited, not about the skate ramp per se, but about building the skate ramp. Isn't it interesting, you see, different people have different perspectives. Different people have different focuses and different people have different skills. So Steve, bless him, rather than come to the office for a couple of days, came to my back garden and built this amazing skate ramp. It was all delivered in kind of kit form.

There's 3000 screws in this baby and it was a big old job. There's a lot of timber here, but it's a fantastic skate ramp. And now Fabian and his brother and all his pals are able to come here safely and hone their skills in our back garden. It's not really about the skate ramp at all. What it's about is recognising that there's people like me that once I decide I want a skate ramp, I just want the skate ramp. I have neither the skills nor the willpower or the determination nor the interest in actually building it. I just want it here.

And people like Steve, who was so excited and so fulfilled with a lot of justification, because I'm a little bit envious of someone that can actually build something like this. And it's exactly like that for Steve Perry, because not all his customers want to learn how to do Google ads. They just want it doing for them. They don't want to learn the intricacies of Facebook. They just want it doing for them. And at least some of Steve Perry's marketing going forward, because he's a very smart guy, will be about, "Hey, look, we can just do this for you. Don't worry about the detail. You don't need a toolkit and 3000 screws and two days off out the office, we can make it happen for you just like that."

So today's big takeaway, whilst doing what you do not everyone needs to know how it's done. Most people just want it done for them. Right, I've got a green, skinny chai latte for a Reece Icle?

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